Friday, May 8, 2020

Nine student groups receive 2020 CSE Tin Man Awards

Congratulations to nine CSE student groups that received 2019-20 CSE Tin Man Awards recognizing the groups' dedication to student engagement over the past academic year.
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Congratulations to nine CSE student groups that received 2019-20 CSE Tin Man Awards recognizing the groups' dedication to student engagement over the past academic year.

Outstanding Student Group Program or Event is awarded to a student group that has demonstrated excellence in all aspects of coordinating an undergraduate student event. The groups recognized in this category have been innovative, collaborative, and passionate in the planning and execution of the event. The recipients are:

  • The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers for their Women in STEM Panel. During this event, they recognized the contributions and accomplishments of female academics and industry professions to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. The panel of female engineers and professors attracted a larger than expected crowd and received strong reviews from members.

  • The Society of Women Engineers for their Webinar Event Series. This series of events encouraged members to utilize a great professional development resource from their professional organization. Based on the positive feedback and benefit to those participating, this program will continue in the future.

Outstanding Group Leader is awarded to a student who has gone above and beyond their role in their student organization. This individual demonstrates the University’s student development outcomes of responsibility, accountability, independence, interdependence, goal-orientation, self-awareness, resilience, appreciation of differences, and tolerance of ambiguity. The recipients are:

Brett Andreas, co-president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Brett has been a strong leader for the group during his two-year tenure and has shown strong goal orientation in his leadership. He has left a lasting impression on the group.

Alexis Bern, president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Alexis is an invaluable resource for students on campus, and much of her group’s effectiveness is credited to her leadership.

Most Improved Student Group is awarded to a student group that has regained momentum by revitalizing membership, creating new events and programs, and established a plan to ensure sustainability and growth. The recipient is:

  • Engineering World Health. This group has consistently strengthened its position within the college and ensured its sustainability since it’s revitalization on campus years ago. They are strong participants in experiential learning, pre-college outreach, and professional development for their members.

Outstanding Student Group Advisor is awarded to advisors who go above and beyond their role in fostering the growth and success of the student group. These individuals serve as positive role models, allowing students to take ownership while still providing support and advice. Additionally, these individuals make themselves approachable and available to new ideas and student input. The recipients are:
  • Gail Johansen, finance professional in mechanical engineering. Gail isn’t a traditional student group advisor, but rather a strong resource for the Campus Life Programs within the mechanical engineering and industrial and systems engineering departments. She encourages responsibility and collaboration among the groups. From her nominator, “Her impact not only drives multiple student groups to success, it also strengthens the CSE community and develops student leaders.”

  • Dan Garrison, assistant director of diversity and inclusion in CSE Student Services. Dan formally advises the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) but has a much larger impact on all of the affinity groups within the college. Since he started in his current role last summer, Dan has been an energizing force for groups like the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and AISES. He has encouraged accountability, organization, sustainability, and thus greater success for these groups and all those he encounters.

Outstanding Student Group is awarded to a student group that offers professional, personal, and academic development opportunities for its members. This student group has a high-functioning leadership team and engages students from a large breadth of experiences. This group continuously goes above and beyond the expectations of CSE student groups. Previous winners include the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Solar Vehicle Project. This year's recipient is:

  • University of Minnesota Robotics. Their success this year is evident by their growth in membership and their engagement on campus and in competition. Even though their competitive year was cut short by the current public health crisis, the group has continued to maintain community and even collaborate on new projects to contribute to the health and safety of those affected by COVID-19.

The Lind Legacy Award is given to a student group who has achieved great success and stood the test of time. This student group has become well-known and respected on campus by faculty, staff, and students. Through its purpose, this student group continually adds value to the student experience in CSE. Previous winners include the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and University of Minnesota Robotics. This year's recipient is:

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ASME is described as a welcoming group willing to engage with new first-year members and offer advice to younger mechanical engineering students. They provide professional development programs and skills training. They connect members to professionals and experiential projects and competitions. This long-standing group builds a strong community on campus contributing to members' success as they advance to new opportunities beyond the University.

Traditionally announced at the end of CSE Week each year, the Tin Man Awards recognize the achievements made by CSE student groups, student leaders, and student group advisors throughout the academic year. Nominations are collected from peers and decisions are made by the Collegiate Life office. There are nearly 80 student organizations that are all doing great work across campus to engage our students and build transferable skills that will set them apart from others.

A list of previous winners in all categories can be found on the CSE Tin Man Awards web page.

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