Friday, September 18, 2020

Last chance! Sign up for the CSE Mentor Program by Friday, Sept. 25

This is the final week to sign up and be matched with an industry mentor through the award-winning CSE Mentor Program. The registration deadline is Friday, Sept. 25. We expect that this year's program will be mainly virtual.
Start building your professional network!

This is the final week for sophomore, junior, and senior CSE students to sign up to be matched with an industry mentor working in the science and engineering fields.

During these uncertain times, a mentor can be a valuable source of information on the changing job market and how to best position yourself for the career you want. Mentors can also provide guidance on succeeding academically, balancing school, work, and life, and building lifelong skills like stress management.

The CSE Mentor Program also includes the Actuarial Mentor Program. All actuarial sophomores, juniors, and seniors, regardless of college, are invited to participate. Note that all actuarial students will be matched with actuarial mentors.

We expect this year’s program to be mainly virtual. 

Register now to be matched with a mentor!

The registration deadline is Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. Space is limited.

The CSE Mentor Program runs from October 2020-April 2021 and requires only two contacts with your mentor per month. Students new to the program will attend a short virtual orientation in September before mentor selection begins.

Contact Andrea Hanson at or 612-624-6694 if you have questions. 

Please note: First-year students are asked to wait a year to gain academic experience and perspective. CSE offers a variety of additional mentoring opportunities available to all class years.

Learn more on the CSE Mentor Program web page.

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