Friday, November 13, 2020

COVID testing on campus, return to distance learning, Thanksgiving and winter break

The University will host a two-day, on-campus clinic Monday, Nov. 16 and Tuesday, Nov. 17 at the Field House where you can receive free testing for COVID-19. You are encouraged to get tested, even if you have no symptoms. Free parking is available. Appointments are required. Beginning Monday, Nov. 30, all classes will shift to distance learning until the end of the fall semester, and finals will be remote. If you are returning home for the holidays, know the facts, make a plan with family and friends, and "lay low before you go." 
Get a COVID test before Thanksgiving!

Because of the recent record number of increases in COVID-19 cases, especially in the 18-35 age group, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has updated its testing recommendations and strongly recommends all college students get tested for COVID-19 before Thanksgiving. In partnership with the State of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota will host a two-day on-campus clinic. Appointments are required.

COVID-19 Testing Clinic
Monday, Nov. 16-Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020
Noon-6 p.m. each day

Field House
Make an appointment

You are encouraged to get tested, even if you have no symptoms. There is no cost for the test and free parking is available.

Even things like headaches, exhaustion, or general aches can indicate symptoms of COVID and shouldn't be dismissed as just stress or the change in seasons. Plus, healthy people in the 18-35 age group who aren’t showing symptoms are contributing to the number of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota.

Information about additional University testing resources, including the free, at-home saliva test, are available on the Safe Campus website. There are also many free COVID-19 testing options around the state that may be more convenient, depending on where you live.

Classes/finals going remote beginning Monday, Nov. 30

Beginning Monday, Nov. 30, all classes will shift to distanced instruction until the end of the fall semester, and finals will be remote during the scheduled time frame, unless students receive an explicit exception from their instructor. Instructors will share more information as needed in the coming weeks.

Make a plan for Thanksgiving and winter break

In these final weeks of the semester, remember that community spread is most likely to happen where people gather in groups, both large and small. The MDH and the University recommend that you “lay low before you go,” and limit your contact with others who are not immediate family or roommates, avoid social gatherings, bars, and restaurants, always wear your face covering, wash your hands regularly, and practice physical distancing for the two weeks before you travel. 

The best ways you can protect yourself and your friends, families, and neighbors, including over the Thanksgiving holiday and during winter break, is by following the same guidelines and staying home when you are sick.

You can find guidance for how to build a holiday plan, and also view the Twin Cities Campus Winter Break Guide if you’re looking for ways to celebrate safely or to learn what to expect on campus between Thanksgiving and the start of spring semester.

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