Friday, May 6, 2022

Don't miss your chance to win prizes! Take the SERU survey today!

As a CSE student, your feedback on the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey is essential to ensuring that we provide the best possible undergraduate experience for all students. Complete the survey today to provide input on how the University of Minnesota can make improvements for you and future students. Plus, you can have a chance to win prizes!
Tell us what you really think!

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey is administered to all University of Minnesota undergraduate students and provides a way for you to share your opinions and perspectives on the University of Minnesota student experience. Complete the survey by Wednesday, June 1.

Since SERU was launched this year, CSE has maintained a fourth- or fifth-place ranking behind a few other colleges. Last year, CSE ended up in second place, just behind the School of Nursing.

While your responses are the most important part of this process, we also want to show the University of Minnesota that CSE students want their voice heard and want to surpass all expectations. As of Monday, May 2, CSE was fifth in percentage of student participation.

The sooner you complete the survey, the better your chances for winning prizes. See the list of prizes and incentives for completing the SERU survey. In appreciation for participation, all students who complete the survey will receive a 20 percent off entire purchase coupon to the University of Minnesota Bookstores.

Note: The survey is confidential, and should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. You may leave and return to the survey where you left off at any time to complete it.

Let's not let fifth place be where we end. Second and even first place are still within reach! Can we make it happen? Use your voice and show your CSE pride by completing the SERU survey today!

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